A Prayer for Blessings

God be merciful to me, and provide me with your blessings. Help me to show Love for others, as you have shown Love for me. Give to me your peace and blessings of good health.  And provide me with the protection of your Angels to keep me safe. Let your blessings of happiness and prosperity with success, dwell within my shelter on this day, and in the days to come.
__ Ellen J. Barrier
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You Are In My Prayers

You Are In My Prayers
Hope comes from prayer.
It gives us strength to endure and to
Heaven is the only place where prayers are not made.

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There is One Creator of Life

All life exists because of one creator.

God is the creator of all life.
And God said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so.

And God said to the fist couple he created; Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seeds; to you it shall be for meat. And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creeps upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every herb for meat: and it was so. 
Source of information: Genesis Chapter 1 (King James Version}
Written by Ellen J. Barrier


Happiness is never found in materialistic things; it exists in things that cannot be physically possessed. Therefore, happiness is priceless. It can never be purchased.
Love is happiness.

__ Ellen J. Barrier

Undisciplined Children

The Sons of Eli are very much like some of our leaders, and parents, of today. Their leadership is of poor judgment; it separates those they lead, and cause problems among the people.  Stronger leaders and good parental role models are needed to correct many of the problems in society that have become those of the world.

Undisciplined children such as the sons of Eli, grow up to become adults. Many of them have children of their own. From undisciplined generations of people, society becomes filled with those who contribute to problems relating to acts of violent behavior; such people harm others without remorse, and destroy property, without caring who the owners are. They have no conscious of guilt for the evil acts they commit against others. 

God warned Eli to disciple his children while they were young. Eli refused to discipline his children despite God’s instructions. The results of his adult children bad behavior brought embarrassment to him, along with God’s punishment.

God’s message will always stand for all parents to discipline their children: Undisciplined children show no respect to their parents and neither to others. They have no regards for the laws of the land. Medication cannot be used as a tool to discipline bad behavior. It will never replace the disciplinary measures used by parents. Failure to discipline children results in world problems. That is the penalty.

Every generation has been given the same blueprint to follow for the good of society. When that blueprint is disregarded by parents and those in leadership positions, the chain is broken and the human race suffers. 

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The Darkest Moments When Hope is Gone

May the God of hope and peace comfort your mind and heal all your hurts.
When hope is gone, in your darkest of moments, if you pause and consider; who has created you and all life, and the things that exists in both Earth and in the heavens above; is also, able to deliver you, and solve all of your problems, hope will return to you.

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” St. Luke 1:37 (K.J.V)
_Ellen J. Barrier

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I thank God for his love for me, and for each choice I made.
I chose love over hate.
I chose forgiveness over grudges.
I chose peace over war.
I chose thankfulness over complaints.
I give thanks to God for the contentment I found within me.
I now live my life, with the satisfaction of my choices.
When I chose contentment, I chose happiness.
__ Ellen J. Barrier

*Contentment is a state of happiness and satisfaction.