Lord, Make Me a Better Person

God is to us what the potter is to clay that is molded into beautiful vessels. He has the wisdom to make us better. There are times when our lives become marred with unrighteous behavior toward God, and toward other people.  Somewhere along the way, we stopped caring about how we treated others, and became selfish, arrogant and lifted up in pride.

We lost our human-feeling of kindness, respect for ourselves and for others. We forgot what it feels like to be lied on, to be cheated out of something that belonged to us, to be treated equal with others, we forgot how to love and how to like. And developed a lack of caring.

 Such individuals have ended up in a prison they built for themselves - that is one of sadness, shame and loneliness.  They became angry with themselves, and developed hate toward others. Therefore, the spirits of destruction controls their bodies and souls. They have become a danger to themselves and to society. The demons living within such individuals hold them in a prison of madness, one of which they can never escape without the power of God.

*Demons are evil spirits. They have no conscious. Their purpose is to destroy.

Book to Read:
How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed 
The existence of Demonic Spirits Today ….. Page 202  

____Ellen J. Barrier

By: George C. Barrier Sr., and Ellen J. Barrier
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6     Copyright© 1994
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Stroke Victim Healed: Memory, Speech, and Walking Returned

During the summer in which I graduated from high school, my mother was stricken with a stroke, causing paralysis to her right side-upper and lower extremities, including the right side of her head and face, and loss of speech and memory. She was comatose for several weeks. Her physicians informed us there was nothing else they could do for her. At this point, there were no signs of improvement. They said, "She will never walk again, go and purchase a wheelchair for her."

A few days later, prior to my mother's dismissal from the hospital, as I looked down at her small frame lying helpless in bed, the pain of sorrow I felt, is too unbearable to describe. I cried uncontrollably. Then, suddenly there was someone standing beside me, saying with authority and assurance, "This Sickness Is Not Unto Death."

Immediately, I stopped crying, This voice was not of this world. I have never heard anyone speak in that tone. Therefore, I trembled with fear. There was no one in the room other than my mother and myself. The door was closed. While shaking, I went out of the room to see if someone was at the door,  I  didn't see anyone standing in the hall. I then, checked on my mother, she was still comatose.

I sat down and tried to figure out this messenger. I had read in the bible about God and his Angels speaking to people, but I had never heard of it happening outside of the bible. I accepted the fact that this messenger was of God, because no human being could possibly speak in that tone, with that kind of authority and assurance.

I began to thank God, and praise him, then I stopped shaking. I told my family and the church members, along with our pastor, about my encounter. We all praised God for my mother's healing, because he had sent an Angel to let us know that he had heard our prayers!

When we took my mother home, from the hospital, there was no change. A few days later, she came out of the coma. She couldn't speak, and didn't recognize any of us. We had to care for her as one would care for an infant. She couldn't feed her self, nor could she move her extremities. Therefore, she had to be turned. She required lots of care.

Two years later, without any physical therapy, my mother, was able to walk without a cane. She didn't need the wheel chair any more. She recognized us, and was able to speak very clearly. God showed us his power. And for that, my mother along with us, gave him honor and praise. He added twenty beautiful years to my mother's life.

By: Ellen J. Barrier
In honor of my mother, Arcilla Mason

Salvation and Healing

I give thanks to God and to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I was saved when I was a young boy. Then, later in my early years, I allowed myself to give in to peer - pressure. I got involved in drugs and some other  ungodly things. When I was 30-years-old, God reclaimed my soul. I became a Minister.

Several years ago, while riding my motorcycle to work, I was hit by one vehicle, and ran over by another. From that accident, I had broken bones in my legs and shoulders. The doctors placed metal objects in my right leg. I was a paraplegic for several months.

After that near-death experience, I have had five heart by-passes, a stroke, and loss of vision. I thank God for my wife and our daughter, who stood by me, and gave spiritual - support, reminding me of God's Grace and his power, I would have lapsed into a state-of-depression. The Lord gave me mercy and grace. While I was in the hospital, Linda Lee, my first cousin, prayed for my eyesight.

 After she laid her hands upon my eye that had the patch over it, my vision returned.

God has completely healed me. I can run and walk without a limp. I play basketballs. I have returned to my job as a Postal Worker, my vision is perfect, my speech is very clear, and I am happy to report, the doctors removed all of the metal from my right leg. I am thankful to God,  for his mercy and grace.

Testimony of: Rev. Alfred Key Jr.

Surgery postponed - Injured Knee Healed

I was told I had to have surgery on my left knee, due to a serious injury. The pain and swelling were tremendous. The medication my doctor gave me, caused a serious illness that was life threatening. I had to take two weeks off my job, after having been there for sixteen years without missing any days.

I asked my doctor and the surgeon, who was scheduled to perform my surgical procedure, "How long will it take my knee to heal after surgery?" Their answer was, "It will take lots of physical therapy. This will take several years."  I asked them, Will I regain my strength back, after this surgical procedure?

After listening to the doctors explaining the procedure, I understood,  if I went through this surgical procedure, I might be worst of than I was. Although, presently I was in lots of pain, and was loosing my balance. I had fallen a few times, and sustained injuries, one of which was serious.  I decided to postpone the surgery and pray for my healing. My wife and I along with our family, prayed for my healing. A few days after I had postponed the surgical procedure, I returned to work. That was several years ago. My balance is good. I haven't had any falls.  God healed my knee.

___ George C. Barrier Sr.

                            How To Trust God When All Other Resources Have Failed
By: George C. Barrier Sr., and Ellen J. Barrier
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6     Copyright© 1994
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God's Mercy and Grace Saved My Life

When I was a young adult, I experienced a life threatening illness, resulting in an emergency surgical procedure. Prior to the surgical procedure, I was in severe pain for three days. The purpose of the surgical procedure was to increase circulation to my heart. I received blood transfusions and intravenous fluids for several days. I made a promise to God, but failed to keep it. Yet, his mercy and grace spared my life.

God has said, "Without me, you can do nothing." I had tried to live my life without him. During a one-night -stand, I got into some trouble. I realize I can't make it without God's protection. In my early twenties, I gave my life to Jesus Christ.

The road hasn't been easy for me. I have overcome many challenges to my health, through the power of God's mercy and grace. I was diagnosed with a heart condition and wore a heart monitor and was on heart medication, God healed my heart.  He restored the strength in my right arm, and the ability to use it again, after having lost both the strength and use of it.

I have been admitted several times to the hospital for lock jaws. This is a condition that causes severe pain and the person is unable to speak. God's mercy and grace, have given me the power to defeat everyone of these challenges. Presently, I'm living a celebrated life, enjoying my work and family.

_Missionary- Hazel M. Mason

God Gives Strength in Times of Distress

This is the testimony of  Gladys M. Hayes

I have been living with a needle in my right knee, for fifty-six years. The doctors discovered it from X-rays on February 23, 2005, after an injury from a fall. However, I have known about it since I was a child. This incident, was due to an accident. It has caused lots of pain and swelling in my leg, since I fell. But through prayer, the pain is becoming less noticeable. This too, shall pass.

I am happy to report to you that, God is my strength in times of needed help. I have had to depend on him for strength to live from day to day. I have a very serious heart condition. When I was a child, I was stricken with Rheumatic fever. The fever damaged the valves in my heart.  

This is why I believe God Gives Strength in Times of Distress:

I suffered heart attacks in the years of 1995, 1996 & 1998.

Grandson Murdered in 1998

On a day that started out beautiful, in the year of 1998, that day became cold and very unpleasant for me and my family. When we received the news that my grandson Dumond, had been killed, it broke my heart, and caused great pain and sorrow in all our souls. Dumond, was very special. He was planning his future like most very young adults do. He had a job, and was planning on buying a car. My husband and I raised him. He called me, "Big Mama."  He was presently living with us, at the time this incident occurred.

Dumond's death was senseless. His life was taken from him, at the hands of another young man, with a gun in his hands that he had no business with. A gun that reportedly, was taken from the home of an adult, who should have taken the responsibility of keeping his weapon secured. Too many families have had to face the pain of loosing their children and other families members at the hands of another young person, who got possession of a gun. In some cases that have occurred, several children have ended up with guns and killed many others (including adults). These incidents have occurred in neighborhoods, schools, and other areas throughout our country.

These things are heart-breaking and painful. There are times when they seem too difficult to bare. But God sends us an angel, to strengthen us; at the time when it seems the burden of having to accept a loss is too much to endure.

And Moses said unto the people, "Fear not. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you today: for the Egyptians who ye have seen today, ye shall see them no more forever."
" The Lord shall fight for you. And ye shall hold your peace."
Exodus 14:13,14 (King James Bible)

Received a Miracle to Walk

                                                 “Get up! And Go Get It!”

Those are the words a voice said to me, when I was hospitalized and couldn’t walk. I needed a drink of water. I had my call-light on for a nurse, but no one came. After a long wait, I became very thirsty. I said, Lord, I need a drink of water very bad. And a voice said to me, “Go, And Get it!” 

I continued to say how thirsty I was, and how bad I needed that drink of water. The voice said to me again, “Get up! And Get It!” I said, Lord, I can’t walk. Then, he said, to me, “I said, Get up! And Go Get It!” I said, Lord, if this is you, I will walk. I sat up and was able to swing my feet over the side of the bed, and sit up for the first time since my sickness. I stood up and was able to walk!

I went to the nurse’s station to ask for some water. When the nurse saw me, she asked, “How did you get here?” I told her, the Lord brought me here. She said, “The Lord might have brought you here, but I’m taking you back.” She told me, she thought I was a ghost, because I couldn’t walk. My doctor was called.  God healed me. I am walking, because I received a miracle.

By :  Arlene Manuel                                                                        

Healed from Stress

Although, I am a very blessed woman, I just like others, have to go through my share of trials and tribulations. Some of my trials and tribulations consist of losing my grandson, Chris, who played football for the Miami Hurricanes and enrolled in a graduate school, died in a car accident in February of 2002.

Another drastic event that I had to encounter, was losing my oldest son, Elder Willie Searcy, to a battle of cancer. Willie, was the founder of the Marantha Church of God in Christ, located in Mt. Pleasant, Texas.

Two years later, (2006) death came and took my husband, Milton Mims; he died of heart problems. It was during these trying times that stress had entered my life. I realized that my heartaches and all that pain inside, was too much for me to handle.

Therefore, I began to ask myself, What is stress? Stress is a force, pressure, and strain that produces a change in one's life, which is what I had experienced. All of those bad things (death of loved ones) that happened to me, brought about a change in my life; I began feeling frustrated, unhappy, and very overwhelmed. Because of the stress, my daily life was affected greatly. 

I started making bad decisions and could not handle or deal with daily tasks. At that time, I did not understand why I couldn't function as I normally did in the past, especially with the simplest thing in my life; but now, I know it was stress, which does dramatically affect the mind and body, and makes it harder to cope with everyday living. I had allowed stress to take over to the point, where I couldn't thank God, because I thought he had forgotten me.

 I felt helpless, and didn't think I could rely on anyone. So, I began to go to the doctor, who would inform me that I was "Just under a lot of stress, as well as a state of depression," which I didn't want to accept. It was hard for me to believe it was stress, that was making my life so miserable. Needless to say, the doctor gave me some medications, which didn't make me feel better; actually, it made me feel worse.

I began to loose weight, because I didn't have any desire or appetite to eat. I almost gave up on my health; I would just lay around the house, and isolated myself from everyone. But, thank God for deliverance.

One day a missionary came to my house, and laid hands on me, and prayed for my deliverance. I began to realize that God had sent me a message through this woman. God was telling me how to get my life back in order, because he was not through with me yet. He was telling me how to eliminate stress, and start living again. God stepped in, right on time, as he always has. God told me to "Go to church at noon everyday and pray, and lay before him." I was to read his word and continually praise him and lift him up - give Him the Glory. He put his words in my mouth to speak to his people.

When he gave me the answer that I had been seeking, I decided that I would not live a stressful life. I knew that I now had a way out from under the devil's - stress, which was through God's word. The Word says, " I will not leave you nor forsake you, Lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world." (Matt.28:20).

It was then,  my sleep began to change in the direction that God guided. I began sleeping on my Bible, anointing myself and speaking God's words to the stress demons. Yet, it seemed like the more I spoke God's word, the more the mountain of stress would try to build. It was then and there, that I made up my mind that the devil is a liar,  and that God's words work. "Wherefore, take unto you the whole armor of God that you maybe able to withstand." (Ephesians 6:13-14). I found out that the enemy yields only to what he must, and what is taken. Therefore, the ground must be taken.

God's word gave me the authority, to take my life back. He let me know the scriptures can't be broken. I continued to pray everyday,  and read other books on God's healing. I did these things,  because healing was what I needed. Every morning and night, I would read God's word and quote it. I had to learn through his word. There are many people who are saved and stressed out, because they aren't taking care of their bodies and mind. They need to learn to relax, and meditate on God's words.

By: Mrs. Margine Mims
Founder of the Black Community Scholarship Foundation

Healed from Incurable Lung Disease

Written Across her Chart was NO Code Blue!

This patient had undergone surgery for diseased lungs, which the surgeon and her physician discovered, could not be medically cured. The incision for her surgical procedure, was performed through her chest cavity, leaving a scar approximately, six inches long.

Following her surgery, she became very thin and pale. Everyone on staff,  appeared to have been awaiting her death.  However, in spite of her deathly illness, she remained humble.

One morning while visiting with her, I asked, if she believed in God? She replied, "O honey, yes I do!"  I then shared with her, how God had healed my mother, when her physicians informed us, there was nothing else they could do for her.  After I had finished sharing my good news with her, I saw a gleam of hope in her sad eyes.  It was at this point, that I asked her, if she would like me to pray for her healing? She replied, "Yes, I would!"

I placed my hands on her scarred chest,  and asked Jesus,  to heal her body.

A few days later, her physician dismissed her for home. Several months later, she came to visit us on Easter Day, with a box of candy.  Had she not identified herself, we would never have recognized her. She looked remarkably radiant, had gained weight, and was excited about her life. She informed us of her new job at a bank,  and of a nice gentleman, she was involved with in a special relationship.

After she had gone, all of us nurses who had cared for her, took a few moments  in privacy,  and talked about a miracle we had just witnessed.

By: Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/Medical Professional/Spiritual Counselor

How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed
By: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6     Copyright© 1994
Price: $15.75

* In this book you will find the story above and other miraculous testimonies.

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Miracles do Happen

I heard this story about this girl name Mel.  She was in a deep coma; she was in intensive care unit at the hospital, and had just been transferred by helicopter, because the hospital that she was at couldn't do anything for her. The doctor said, it was "Unlikely that she would regain consciousness, as her blood Oxygen levels were too low to sustain life. Doctor said that, "Mel's family should not get their hopes up too much."

The doctor also said, "Most likely, if Mel survives, due to low blood oxygen levels, she would have massive brain damage." Mel's family prayed fervently for her, and organized a prayer team. By morning of the next day, Mel's blood oxygen levels, had returned to normal. By the evening of the next day, Mel had been disconnected from all life support machinery, and was breathing. On the third day after my arrival,  Mel regained complete consciousness, and by next week,  Mel had complete recover,  and she had no massive brain damage.

Shared by an Unknown

Miracle Baby

Newborn baby found alive in morgue 12 hours after being declared dead
April 11, 2012

A newborn in Argentina was found very much alive in a morgue by her mother 12 hours after hospital staff had declared the baby dead.
The mother reportedly told a television  network, the hospital still has issued her only a death certificate for the infant rather than a birth certificate.  The baby being the fifth child of her parents   was born prematurely.
Two hours after being issue a death certificate, the parents visited the morgue because they wanted to see their child one more time.
"The baby was there and they put the little casket on a stretcher. We looked for a bar to pry it open," the baby's father, said in a press conference. "My wife looked and uncovered it slowly. She saw the little hand and then uncovered the face. That's when it let the first little cry out."
"That night, we went to the morgue. We wanted to take a photo of our daughter," the mother reportedly told an Argentina's newspaper. "But when a worker opened the drawer, we heard a cry and she was alive."
The newborn has been named Luz Milagros, or "Miracle Light." She is still listed as being in critical condition but is said to be improving. The deputy provincial health minister announced that five medical professionals involved in the case have been suspended, pending further investigation.
Source:  National  News media Networks & Newspapers