Healed from Incurable Lung Disease

Written Across her Chart was NO Code Blue!

This patient had undergone surgery for diseased lungs, which the surgeon and her physician discovered, could not be medically cured. The incision for her surgical procedure, was performed through her chest cavity, leaving a scar approximately, six inches long.

Following her surgery, she became very thin and pale. Everyone on staff,  appeared to have been awaiting her death.  However, in spite of her deathly illness, she remained humble.

One morning while visiting with her, I asked, if she believed in God? She replied, "O honey, yes I do!"  I then shared with her, how God had healed my mother, when her physicians informed us, there was nothing else they could do for her.  After I had finished sharing my good news with her, I saw a gleam of hope in her sad eyes.  It was at this point, that I asked her, if she would like me to pray for her healing? She replied, "Yes, I would!"

I placed my hands on her scarred chest,  and asked Jesus,  to heal her body.

A few days later, her physician dismissed her for home. Several months later, she came to visit us on Easter Day, with a box of candy.  Had she not identified herself, we would never have recognized her. She looked remarkably radiant, had gained weight, and was excited about her life. She informed us of her new job at a bank,  and of a nice gentleman, she was involved with in a special relationship.

After she had gone, all of us nurses who had cared for her, took a few moments  in privacy,  and talked about a miracle we had just witnessed.

By: Ellen J. Barrier/
Author/Medical Professional/Spiritual Counselor

How to Trust God When all Other Resources Have Failed
By: George C. Barrier Sr., & Ellen J. Barrier
ISBN: 978-0-9794043-0-6     Copyright© 1994
Price: $15.75

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